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On the side of the Neroberg hill, you will find a very special transport experience. Those who prefer not to walk up the hill to Wiesbaden’s most stunning viewpoint can choose a historic mode of transport instead: The Nerobergbahn, Europe’s second-oldest water-powered funicular railway. Even in the time of Kaiser Wilhelm, the two little carriages with their distinctive yellow and blue paint rumbled their way up and down Wiesbaden’s largest hill at 7.3 km/h. Just as it did then, today it takes just 3 1/2 minutes to travel from the valley station over the viaduct and up to the hill station at a height of 245 metres. 

The route is 440 metres long and has a maximum gradient of 25 percent – a challenge that the Nerobergbahn has tackled without incident since 1888. It is all thanks to the Nerobergbahn’s ingenious means of propulsion. The carriage is filled at the hill station with up to 7,000 litres of water before travelling down a steel cable, pulling the other carriage up as it goes. Once the carriage reaches the bottom, the water is released and pumped back up to the top of the hill. The two carriages are connected by a steel cable measuring 452 metres in length. The driver of the carriage travelling downhill controls the speed. The whole thing is secured by cogwheels under the carriages, which bite into a gear rack attached to the tracks.


Today’s visitors to the Neroberg will find it almost unchanged from more than 100 years ago. The stunning backdrop is fronted by the Nerobergtempel, located on top of the Nerobergbahn’s hilltop reservoir. But the magnificent views across the Rhine and all the way to the forested hills of the Odenwald are not the only attraction at Wiesbaden’s highest point.

The Neroberg is also an ideal starting point for many hours of walks through the extensive, silent forests of the Rhein-Taunus Nature Park, on easily accessible paths. A forest adventure path, a high ropes course, the Russian chapel, a cafe and the Opelbad – one of Germany’s most beautiful outdoor swimming pools – all make up the attraction of the Neroberg that Wiesbaden’s residents call their own.

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